Thursday, June 16, 2011

John Stossel: Hypocrisy about Tort Reform

I'm a conservative living in the south who happens to represent consumers. I'm probably more conservative than many defense attorneys in other parts of the country. I'm also one of many lawyers who help folks when they are injured. I'm one of many thousands of lawyers who say "no" to a potential client because of many factors - bad law, bad facts, no one at fault for some perceived wrong.

So we now have John Stossel again "reporting" on attorneys and lawsuits.

Many folks have yet to see this video of Stossel and a wrestler:
The problem is that Stossel but had no problem bringing a lawsuit. He goaded one of the pros into bitch-slapping him (Stossel) during the interview and then sued the wrestler. It settled for a princely sum, according to internet reports.

What is also worthy of note? Accuracy isn’t one of Stossel’s strong suits. He has confirmed that he had made mistakes in his reporting, and he also has been sued in connection with his reporting.

From one website: "In 2000, for example, Stossel declared that organic produce was worse for you than conventional fruits and vegetables; it turned out his report had been based on faulty research and he was forced to issue a public apology. " Link.

Are there too many lawsuits? Absolutely. Stossel does more harm to the justice system however with his clearly biased tone in his reports. Any "news" outlet that gives him a voice is likewise GUILTY.