Friday, June 24, 2011

GAO: FDA Fails to properly initiate recalls, puts USA citizens at risk

Another scathing report on the poor job the FDA does as to food products. This one is from the Office of Audit Services of the Office of the Inspector General.

From the report: The FDA's guidance for developing and implementing food recalls was not adequate to ensure the safety of the Nation's food supply because it was not enforceable. In addition, FDA did not always follow its own procedures for ensuring that the recall process operated efficiently and effectively. FDA has established regulations as nonbinding guidance that FDA and the recalling firm should consider in planning and implementing a recall.

The GAO reviewed 17 recalls out of 40 the FDA played a role in over a two  year period. FDA did not always (1) conduct firm inspections or obtain complete information on the contaminated products, (2) conduct timely or complete audit checks of consignees, (3) review recall strategies and promptly issue notification letters to firms conveying the review results and other essential instructions, or (4) witness the disposal of the products or obtain the required documentation showing that the products had been properly disposed of by the recalling entity.

I'm reading the report now and will post about it later. Find it here.