Monday, January 03, 2011

A New Year = Resolutions

I'm on of 'those guys'  who makes resolutions each and every year. Some may not, which is fine, but I do. Here is my list for 2011; I try to make them 'monthly' so that it's easier to hit a goal.

1.Using the cloud: 18 months ago no one knew that the cloud was, much less how to use it. Today our firm has as a backup our servers (about 50%) on a secure cloud site. The goal is to be in the cloud 100% by year end. I will tell you it helped me already - sitting at a seminar in December, I needed a document after hours, and accessing via our cloud service was a simple task.

2.Mobile: Mobile for us is use of smart phone, and use of iPad(s). I'm eagerly awaiting the CES in Vegas to see what companies have in store for tablet computers like the iPad. What will get me to switch? Any tablet that comes with 1)a USB port 2)a camera 3)video and 4)Flash player. Right now I will tell you that
this product has my attention: Toshiba tablet

I'm also a fan of the HTC smartphone from the folks at Google. Used it for more than a month, and folks at Apple better worry about me - b/c I don't miss the iPhone one bit.

3.Email only updates to clients: In the last case I resolved, our office had more than $200 in postage alone, in a garden variety case without complex issues. Most of those postage charges were to a client who had email. With postage increasing, we are looking at using email for our clients almost exclusively, and using the cloud for those who wish to see updates and pleadings. We used certified mail receipts for email, of course.
Nearly 95% of our clients have email, but interestingly enough, before we are hired, less than 50% will willingly provide it to us.   

 4. Video chat and conferencing: With more than one office, we plan to be more active in the use of video conferencing as a money saver. The tech is there now, it's less jumpy, and it just makes sense.

5.  Community Service: I know what you are thinking - this is a resolution for a law office? Yes,  this year it is. Our firm has bought in to a firm wide effort, including our Coats4Kids philanthropy. Too often the goal is to get work done, but especially in this economy good deeds can be done in small doses, and each one helps.

If you have a resolution, or would like me to put your guest post regarding what you resolve to do this year, email me at galawyerblog(at)yahoo(dot)com.