Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Android: Apps of the Week Debuts

Image representing Android as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBaseI switched over from an iPhone to a Google/Android phone - an HTC - and I am never going back. For lawyers, though, it seemed like the listing and description of law worthy Android apps is allover the place. Guys like iPhoneJD are great sources for iPhone ... can't find his peer.

Why the switch? Annoying things like ... no flash. No camera on my old Phone. No video. The Droid phone has them all, as well as a keyboard both on the screen and as a slide out. It also tethers quickly for a mini hot spot. For the near future, I simply don't see iPhone permitting a Flash player, or having a keyboard.  

So here is the first of a set of posts in 2011 that wll educate me and maybe you about tools you can use.

Here's what I added the first day I had my phone in hand:

1.PWN Document Scanner:  This document scanner lets you to scan documents with your phone camera, convert them into PDF, and email the PDF document to anyone or yourself.

You can choose to email the file immediately, or save it on your phone for later use. The PDF file is saved to your phone's SD card. You can scan medical reports,  receipts, you name it. I consider it my portable copier.

2.Multi Reader: MultiReader speaks your text, PDF, Word, RTF, PPT, eBook documents. That's the description. If you need more information, throw away your phone. 

3.The Now and Then Date Calculator: A decent date calculator. Read more here: 

4.Dropbox: You may be familiar with this in the cloud storage system. It's on Android as well, link here. 
In a word, indispensable. 

5.Free Wi-Fi Finder: Not bad, and given the price, I like it  a lot. I was able to grab the wifi at the courthouse with it. Link.http://www.androidzoom.com/android_applications/travel_and_local/free-wifi-finder_bidk.html


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