Friday, December 10, 2010

More Good News about Amazing Aspirin

"Baby" AspirinFrom NPR:

I'm one of those guys who takes an aspirin daily. So, I read this news with interest:

A British study claims evidence that aspirin can prevent death from a variety of cancers, if you take the medicine long enough in middle age. Even a baby aspirin might be enough.

 Published in The Lancet, the study suggests aspirin could provide protection against a wide variety of tumors. They range from pancreatic cancer to the type of lung cancer that strikes nonsmokers.

For some of these cancers, the reduction in death was noteworthy. Twenty years after people had started taking aspirin regularly (and kept it up for at least five years), their deaths from esophageal cancer were reduced by 60 percent compared to study subjects who got a placebo.
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