Friday, May 07, 2010

Fosamax: Defense Verdict for Merck

A federal jury in New York decided that a woman who claimed she was harmed by Merck & Co's osteoporosis drug Fosamax did not suffer from a serious jaw condition linked to the medicine.

The plaintiff, Louise Maley, an Indiana woman who used Fosamax for nearly eight years, claimed that she suffered osteonecrosis of the jaw -- a form of bone death associated with Fosamax and similar drugs -- and dental problems as a result of long-term use of the medicine.

The New York jury deliberated for only about half an hour before returning unanimous verdict in Merck's favor by finding that the plaintiff did not suffer from osteonecrosis of the jaw as of March 31 2004.

The plaintiff had multiple medical conditions that cause people to develop the jaw and dental problems she claims she has, regardless of whether they were taking Fosamax," Merck attorney Christy Jones said in a statement.

One of the Plaintiff's lawyers was tim O'Brien, who is no 0-2 in these cases, with the first case resulting in a mistrial.