Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekend Tech This n' That

Second generation iPod Touch.Image via Wikipedia

Trying some new apps on the iPhone, including:

Conference Calll:
Ifbyphone’s Conference Call application enables you to schedule outbound conference calls right on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You're scheduling outbound phone calls to contacts, rather than waiting for them to dial in. You just select contacts and schedule a time. Selected contacts will receive a call and, upon answering, they will be connected to the conference call.

Find it here.

Scan2PDF Mobile: Uses the iPhone to scan documents and convert them to PDF files. It all happens on your phone allowing you to scan documents anywhere - as long as you have your phone.

The software enhances and compresses the output from the camera into a high-quality PDF which is then stored on your phone and can be emailed. Scan2PDF Mobile is compatible with almost all Windows Mobile phones as long as they have a built-in camera with a resolution of at least 1 mega-pixel.



scanR Business Center lets you scan, print, and fax from your iPhone 3Gs; it's like a scanner in your phone. Stop hunting around for that misplaced document, article, or invoice; instead save them instantly as searchable Adobe PDF files you can search from your computer, browser, or right on your iPhone.

Key Features:

• scan documents or whiteboards with your camera and turn the photos into clean, searchable Genuine Adobe PDF files
• print scans from your iPhone to any nearby fax machine
• streaming view for your files – quickly download what you need to see
• fax around the world directly from the iPhone
• share any file anywhere
• online storage gives access to any of your scans and faxes via web browser or iPhone



Windows/Mac/Linux: If you would like to easily access, edit, and save files across multiple computers, free application FeelHome allows you to share files across operating systems and over the web.

Once you install FeelHome on your computer and specify which folders you want to share, you can access those files from the web or from another computer in your virtual FeelHome network.

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