Thursday, March 04, 2010

Georgia: Yaz and Yasmine Injury Lawsuits

New Jersey state courts have designed claims relating to Yaz as a mass tort, and will be centralized under one judge for coordinated handling.

New Jersey’s Administrative Office of the Courts ordered on February 18 that the litigation will be assigned to Judge Brian R. Martinotti in Bergen County Superior Court. All pending and future New Jersey state court Yaz lawsuits, Yasmin lawsuits and Ocella lawsuits filed over Bayer’s popular birth control pills will be handled by Judge Martinotti, who will oversee the case management and trial issues.

Bayer Healthcare Corp. stated its oral contraceptives Yasmin and Yaz contained possible side effects, the pills' maker said in response to lawsuits.

More than 50 women in Indianapolis have filed suit against the company, joining dozens of women nationwide who allege the birth control pills caused heart attacks, strokes, blood clots and other health problems, The Indianapolis Star reported Monday.

Yasmin and Yaz contain drospirenone, which the lawsuits allege can lead to dangerously high levels of potassium.

Bayer officials said the contraceptives are safe when used properly and that all packages of oral contraceptives, including Yasmin and Yaz, carry warnings of possible side effects.

UPI is the source.