Wednesday, February 17, 2010

FDA Warned Kellogg over Contaminated Eggo Waffles

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This week the FDA has made public a January 2010 letter to the Eggo waffle maker Kellogg Co in which the FDA has stated the maker had not gone far enough to address food safety violations at its Atlanta frozen food plant.

In 2009, an inspection found bacterial contamination and sanitation violations such as improper handling of trash and food, and insufficiently sanitized equipment, at least according to the FDA.

The FDA's letter was written 1/27/10 after Georgia's Ag Department found Listeria bacteria in Eggo Buttermilk Waffles last summer. (Source here)

Kellogg's plant had "significant deviations" from the manufacturing practices for food manufacturers and Kellogg's response so far had not addressed the violations, according to the FDA.

Kellogg has stated that it has fully addressed all of the violations and that its response to the FDA letter would be filed shortly.

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