Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank you Veterans

Today I hope folks will take a moment to say thank you to those veterans who have served our country in good times and bad, in the USA and elsewhere. They stand ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

In our groups of friends, I'm lucky to call one of our active military a friend. Whether it's a simply greeting, or something more elaborate is up to you.

Thank you from our family to those who served and serve now.

The above photo is from this article -

The State of Georgia is moving aggressively to help refugees of the nation of Georgia who suffered because of the recent hostilities with Russia. Twelve hundred pounds of emergency supplies were packed at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, destined for the more than 9,000 permanently displaced refugees living in tents and makeshift shelters in Georgia.

The supplies consist of medicines and medical supplies, medical protective clothing, and landmine first aid kits. The humanitarian assistance supplies are being donated by US Aid for International Development, US Public Health Service, and the Georgia National Guard.

This delivery is made possible by the coordinated effort of the Atlanta-Tbilisi Sister City Committee with the help of the Georgia National Guard.

Assisting in the packaging of the humanitarian aid was Letha Nesbitt, Subcommittee Chairman for Humanitarian Aid for the Atlanta-Tbilisi Sister City Committee and members of the Georgia Army and Air National Guard.