Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Safety Investigation of Certain Medical Device Power Cords

The power cords on a variety of medical devices may cause sparking, charring, and fires, according to reports received by the FDA.

Device manufacturer Hospira has recalled all affected power cords, while Abbott Nutrition has recalled its Flexiflo Quantum Entreal Pumps, used for feeding patients through tubes.

To date, the FDA has received 122 reports of faulty power cords involving devices manufactured by these two companies, whose investigators found that the power cord prongs contain a black bridge, which may crack and fail at or inside the plug.

Additional risks from the device failure include electrical shock, delay in setup and therapy, interruption of therapy, and device failure.

The FDA said the cords, manufactured by the Electri-cord Manufacturing Company, are used on other devices made by other companies, and the agency has launched an investigation to identify them.

The FDA warned practitioners to monitor the condition and make of their devices' electrical cords, particularly in oxygen-rich environments where device sparking may cause fires.

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