Monday, October 12, 2009

McDonald's Hot Coffee Documentary 10/13/09 in Atlanta

Remember the film Super-Size Me? That film opened up the eyes of consumers. More people than ever found themselves concerned with the nutritional content—or lack thereof—in fast food. Six weeks after the film premiered, McDonald’s discontinued their “Super-Size” option. The fast-food chain began offering more salads and an adult happy meal in an attempt to appear healthier.

The film was the 10th highest grossing documentary film of all time. Millions saw it. And it changed minds.

Tomorrow’s film screening of “Hot Coffee” also involves McDonalds… but in a different way. Stella, of the now infamous Stella Awards based on the hot coffee McDonalds case, is actually interviewed in this film as it completely debunks the myths surrounding the case. Through additional personal stories, interviews and hard facts, the film illustrates how the media distorted the truth about the McDonald's coffee case, duped the American public and protected corporate interests, endangering our civil justice system.

This 26 minute short of what will be a feature film was chosen by IFP as a Spotlight documentary and is showing around the nation. The film is made by a Trial Lawyer/filmmaker in Oregon. And most importantly, on a grand scale, the film could change hearts and minds.

Please make every effort to attend the screening at tomorrow, Tuesday October 13th at 7:30 at LandMark Theaters in Midtown