Thursday, July 02, 2009

News from A Friend's Firm: Lawsuit in MD

I count Rick Kuykendall as one of those lawyers whom I trust. He's with the Murphy Firm in Baltimore, and there is this news this week:

The Murphy Firm of Baltimore and Henry & Associates of Largo have announced the filing of a 12-count civil suit that charges Prince George's county officials and some of the County's correctional and law enforcement officers with responsibility for the 2008 death of 19-year-old Ronnie L. White, who, the suit states, was “assaulted and killed by the very same correctional officers who were supposed to be there to insure his safety.”

White died of a broken neck and asphyxiation 34 hours after he was received in custody by the Prince George's County Correctional Center. Following an autopsy, the Office of the Chief Medial Examiner for the State of Maryland ruled that White's death was a homicide.

The suit, filed on behalf of White's mother, Angela L. White, states that Ronnie White’s death was “the direct result” of excessive force and gross negligence by County officials, and that his constitutional and civil rights were violated. The suit is seeking $153,600,000 in compensatory and punitive damages.

Link here

We talked this morning, and he said his real issue front and center today is making sure his daughter Amalee Kuykendall gets to college on time. I worry about that day as well!

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