Thursday, April 23, 2009

Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implant Recall

Update on a cochlear implant recall:

In 2004, Advanced Bionics issued a recall for the Clarion CII-x HiResolution 90k (HiRes90k) bionic ear system. Advanced Bionics eventually began to distribute the HiRes90k. The FDA had, however, written to the company about the product.
Advanced Bionics then had a 2nd recall on Vendor B HiRes90k implants.

What we are hearing: As many as 20% of HiRes90k vendor B units may fail.

What are the symptoms of a failed or failing Advanced Bionics HiRes 90k or Clarion Cochlear Implant?

*Delays in hearing

*Popping sounds

*Crackling sounds

*Shocks/pain in the head/face

*The implant turns on/off without warning

*Your child is not telling you that the batteries on the implant need charging

*Your child is turning the implant off

What amazes me is how little the news has been out on this recall.Talk to us, on the web at:

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