Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Georgialawyer's 09 Resolutions

I make them every year. Each helps guide me, focus my office, and serve as a component of the office Business Plan. In no particular order, here they are:

1. Each employee will have two monitors. I have used two monitors, and I can tell you that productivity increased. Having two monitors gives me access to the firm database as well as to the current project I may be working on, and cuts down on constant switches to other programs.

2. Go completely paperless. From the moment mail comes in, to the moment we turn the lights off at the end of the business day/night. We are almost there now.

3.Declutter. From excessive cables at a desk, to 'Mt. Paper' around the office. Seems like simple resolution, but this one will be the most difficult.

4.Remember who we work for, always: I have this habit of telling a client, "You're my boss" when a contract is signed. I mean it, but sometimes in the daily grind not all who work for any one person may. This year we reinforce this basic premise every day. I so see lawyers who tout their skills or speak of a result as if the client was nothing more than an asterisk to the story being told. I don't like it, and plan to also point it out to those who forget.

5.Tech: Figure out what Social Media is, how it relates to the people we work for, and determine the value of it. Not sure about this one, but I plan to figure it out. Stay tuned, as this subject looks to be one front and center on this blog.

Do you make any resolutions?