Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Blog: Georgia Justice Blog

You may find it here.

What is it? It's the blog from the Georgia Trial Lawyers Assoc. The most recent post starts with a recap of this:

A Great Escape and a Great Man
The Georgia Trial Lawyers Association honors Judge Anthony A. Alaimo

Atlanta, GA—Hailed as what will be the largest gathering of judges and attorneys in the history of the state of Georgia, the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association [GTLA] is hosting The Height of Excellence—an event honoring excellence in Georgia’s judiciary and where Judge Anthony A. Alaimo, a Senior United States District Court Judge of the Southern District of Georgia, will be the first recipient of the inaugural Anthony A. Alaimo Award for Judicial Excellence.

“It is very appropriate that the first award given by the members of GTLA for judicial excellence carries the name of Judge Anthony A. Alaimo and that he will be the very first recipient,” said GTLA President Fred Orr. “Judge Alaimo, at age 88, remains one of the hardest working judges in the entire country. He is among the most beloved and respected judges of the federal judiciary. He is a true American Hero.” More on their site.

It's worth reading, and worth adding to a blogroll.