Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tech Weekend: PC Mag's Top 100 "Undiscovered Sites

Sites on the web you may not have heard about as you work. Link here.

Some of the sites include:

Tech Daily Dose

Run by the National Journal, this is a site for those interested in the role technology plays in government would be hard-pressed to find a better news outlet than this National Journal-run blog. From piracy to Net neutrality to online campaigning, this site is a fantastic resource for exploring tech policy inside the Beltway.

This desktop-away-from-desktop lets you access your personal stuff from any computer. Load up your browser-based Jooce desktop with files, music, videos, and anything else you might need and you can get to it just by logging in.

Mux is an excellent video conversion/sharing site that lets you enter in the URL of a video clip (or its location on your hard drive) and specify what format you'd like to receive the video in (iPod, PSP, DivX, MPEG-4, and lots more).

If you have any sites you think need to be 'discovered' email me.