Tuesday, August 05, 2008

At the Trial Lawyer Blog: Matt Garretson on Fee Agreements

Good stuff at the TLRC blog:

One of the attorneys at Matt Garretson's Firm has prepared a “practice tip” sheet for updating a client fee agreement. Among other topics, the article incorporates the points addressed in NY Professional Ethics Committee Opinion (#739, July 7, 2008), which contains logic that is instructive no matter what state(s) you practice in.

From the blog: "No matter how big the case, your retainer agreement is the most important document in the file. If it hasn’t been revised in a while, its time to dust it off and make sure it reflects the changing nature of settlement. Doing so will make your settlements run more smoothly and provide you with the tools and time needed to satisfy your obligations and ensure that the settlement ultimately does exactly what it needs to do for your client.”

Go here for the complete article.