Thursday, June 12, 2008

FDA's Abysmal Failures

This time, tomatoes.

From various reports:

"As foodborne illness outbreaks continue, FDA is missing valuable opportunities to reassure Congress and the public that it is doing all it can to protect the nation's food supply," said the report by the investigative arm of Congress. Source.

One word used by Bart Stupak, chairman of the House subcommittee on oversight and investigation aptly describes this mess. "Pathetic."

This is an agency that is supposed to address safety when it comes to unsafe drugs, but can't even get to the source of bad vegetables. "Too bad that the federal government and the FDA have bowed to big corporate interests in refusing to fund or implement U.S. law requiring country-of-origin labeling for produce: labeling that could have nipped this latest outbreak in the bud." So says Mr. Dobbs. The FDA may "never" find the source.

Video here.