Friday, May 23, 2008

Lawyers/Firms With Bad Web Sites: Why Bother?

This week, not once but three times I have been searching out lawyers for various matters in other states. I am pretty sure that the litigators I sought out would not dare take even a basic deposition without being prepared, yet I am amazed at how little time is spent on a firm's web site. Several sites, to be blunt, conveyed a podunk image. The firms deserve better.

What did I find (or not find)? One site did not list a telephone number on any page except the contact us page.

One firm did not list any email contact, nor did it have a Consultation Form anywhere on the site. (For a good example of this form, go to my friend Richard Shapiro's site, here). No toll free number either.

These types of mistakes cost a firm money - lost opportunity, lost referral, lost potential clients. To me it shows a lack of understanding of the basics of the web. Worse, it means that I just move on to the next firm.

Is your firm's site one that I visited?