Thursday, April 24, 2008

Audio: Heparin Hearings on Capitol Hill (From NPR)

A report from NPR, with the requisite table pounding by a Congressman. FDA representative lectured because "you do not have the resources" to do the job the FDA is required to do. You can get the audio here on the NPR site. Most startling about the report? There is a claim that 80% of active ingredients in meds are produced overseas.

Good stuff, and dead on. The FDA is broken. (See ABC report, "FDA Is Broken, Endangers American Lives", link here). "The wheels are coming off. In fact, I would say they're off. They're already off" at the FDA (See link).

The FDA has no translators on staff, so when there is an inspection in another country, what does the FDA do? FDA reps rely on an interpreter at the plant or company to translate.