Monday, March 17, 2008

A New Website for Documents: JD Supra

Worth a look. Not sure if it will ultimately succeed, as many organizations (such as a Georgia Trial Lawyers Association) have sites where documents are shared/stored. The site is new - and I hope it does well:

From their site:

For anyone in the legal community - lawyers, law firms, law schools, law professors & their students, public interest groups - JD Supra is not just a resource, it’s also a showcase:

* As a legal professional, you post your court filings, decisions, forms and/or articles to JD Supra’s database, a free tool for legal research. You also create an in-depth professional profile that is freely available simply by browsing or keyword searching, or via link from any of your posted documents.
* Consumers use JD Supra to find lawyers who have worked on cases similar to theirs, or to research a legal issue or a prospective lawyer’s filings, decisions, and articles.
* Journalists use the documents and profiles to build story ideas and find credible contacts. (In fact, we encourage you to flag your most interesting and "hot" documents for listing in our Scoop section, which we created with the media in mind.)
* Your peers and colleagues use JD Supra as a robust research tool, both for their own practices and to find like-minded colleagues and referrals.
* Anyone can search JD Supra for free, and so the benefits to you are enormous.

IMHO - "benefits to you are enormous?" Well, I'd be happy with even a modest benefit.