Friday, February 08, 2008

Did Lipitor Commercials use a Body Double for Dr. Jarvik?

From various sources:

A congressional committee contends the creator of the first artificial heart could have have misled ad viewers by using a body double in advertisements for a popular cholesterol drug he touted in commercials. Yes you read that right, a body double.

Most folks have seen Dr. Robert Jarvik on the air in Lipitor commericals. Congressional investigators believe a body double was hired to make Jarvik look more athletic in television ads for the drug.

If that's not curious enough, Dr. Jarvik cannot legally prescribe medicine, because he is not licensed to practice medicine. Jarvik ended his training after medical school instead of completing a medical internship.

Sources include ABC News.

You can view the ad here:

Apparently the body double was used for the rowing segment, as opposed to the "standing by a labrador retriever" shot. Is the dog even his?