Friday, January 25, 2008

Why are Lawyers Suing Vytorin Makers So Soon?

I just shake my heads sometimes over the actions of lawyers. Just two weeks have passed since the hubbub over Vytorin.

Lawsuits have been filed in federal courts in states including California, Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York and Ohio, according to court documents and interviews with attorneys. The consumer fraud suits, which all seek class-action status, were filed on behalf of patients and medical insurers who paid for the expensive cholesterol drugs.

Additional suits are pending in several other states and Puerto Rico and may eventually be filed in every state but Michigan, which bars such lawsuits against drug makers, said Louisiana attorney Daniel Becnel, who is coordinating filings with firms in other states. Link to Business Week here.

According to one report (source below), "We just have hundreds and hundreds of (potential) clients contacting us every day," asking to be represented in the matter, he said Thursday. Becnel said he has already filed a motion for the suits to be consolidated in a single location under one federal judge.

Why? What is the injury to the consumer at this early stage in the reporting? It's a race to the cash, IMHO. I've spent several hours reviewing the reports, and unlike recent cases, this one is apparently NOT about a physical injury. I'm skeptical to say the least. At a minimum, if insurers have issues relating to the drug's marketing and pricing, why jump to suit so quickly?

I'll keep looking; stay tuned.