Friday, January 11, 2008

Transfer Huge Files with PipeBytes

After having just downloaded a huge legal file in three parts, I've gone back to find a better solution ... and found one.

If you a need to transfer a large file but learn that the party sending the file is having trouble, try PipeBytes. It's free. From their site:

No software to install.
* All you need is web browser.
* Send files of any size!
* Your buddy could start downloading file as you upload it.
(That makes the file exchange process up to two times
faster than other web-based file exhange services!)
* It's private unlike BitTorrent or other P2P techologies.
The file is not shared on Internet - it is sent directly
to your recipient.

The sender heads to PipeBytes and gets a code to upload a file, and once the recipient enters the code, the site serves as the connector.

In the past I had issues with retaining my file, and this may be a better alternative.