Friday, January 04, 2008

A Litigating MIST Cases Blog

You can find it

What is MIST? Minimum Impact, Soft Tissue case.

It's a site worth checking out. A recent blog post included this:

"The ABA recently published my newest article on MIST cases. This article provides some basic tips on MIST cases. It is not a supplement for reading the book, but it does give you some basic tips. The outline appears below:

10. Read the literature.
9. Talk to the potential client.
8. Learn to use the internet.
7. Take a look at the cars.
6. Get to know the treating doctor.
5. Set reasonable expectations.
4. Get your discovery done timely.
3. Don't waste money.
2. Be aggressive but fair.
1. Try the cases."

The link to that article can be found here.