Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Lawyer Advertising: What Not To Do

Driving through a southern state this weekend I heard a radio ad for a law firm. The 30 second informed that the Firm handled injury cases as well as divorce cases.

What was missing? In the short span of the ad, the telephone number was mentioned once - about fifteen seconds in -but not mentioned again. The Law Firm's name was mentioned only once, and the name was not easy to pronounce much less remember. There was no website reference. There was one mention of the street address.

Why waste your money on this?

In my experience, any radio ad must mention the phone number at least three times. A website reference (at least twice) is critical, especially if the Law Firm name it not easy to recall.

At a minimum, if a firm has a toll free number the .com can be just that ... "our number is the same as our website: 877-80 DRUGS , 87780drugs.com"