Monday, June 04, 2007

Trade Center Dust Deemed Cause of an Attorney's Death


"The death of U.S. Department of Education attorney Felicia Dunn-Jones, 42, five months after she became trapped in dust caused by the collapse of the first World Trade Center tower, is now being considered a homicide and her name has been added to the official list of World Trade Center victims."

Dr. Charles S. Hirsch, the city's Chief Medical Examiner, notified Dunn-Jones' family attorney, Richard H. Bennett two weeks ago. "Accumulating evidence indicates that in some persons exposure to WTC dust has caused sarcoidosis or an inflammatory reaction indistinguishable from sarcoidosis ... " and "it is likely, with certainty beyond a reasonable doubt, that exposure to WTC dust...was contributory to (Dunn-Jones') death."

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The medical examiner came to this conclusion nearly six years after Dunn-Jones' death. It's surprising to learn that this is the first time the city of New York has officially declared that exposure to World Trade Center toxins following the 9/11 attacks contributed to a person's death.