Thursday, June 07, 2007

Best Buy Defense Counsel Admits Altering Documents


A lawyer for Best Buy Co. has admitted that he falsified e-mails and a memo before turning them over to plaintiffs in a nationwide class-action lawsuit.

The pending case has been stayed while Best Buy looks to hire new litigation counsel. The lawyer works for Robins, Kaplan, Miller and Ciresi, and that firm has filed a Motion to Withdraw.

The altered documents are supposedly "limited" to two e-mails and one memo, and as of yet the documents have not been publicly released.

Will this make it to page one anwyhere? Fox News? The crazy pants lawyer's lawsuit makes it around the world, another attorney has TB and while his condition has nothing to do with his profession, he even gets more headlines play than Paris Hilton (at least for 3-5 days), so can people expect the same from this news? I won't hold my breath on it.