Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Witness Interviews: A Quick Way to Record/Transcribe

I'm a fan of Speakwrite, and lawyer Dave Swanner (South Carolina Trial Law Blog) has this: Use SpeakWrite to record witness interviews.

Dave tells us:

1. Call the witness on the phone. 2. Using conference calling, add as a "third" caller.

By setting up a conference call with Speak-Write, you eliminate the need to for having the equipment to digitally record the conversation yourself and you eliminate the need to hiring your investigator to take the statement. You also eliminate the cost of the investigator.

You can also use this to take a recorded statement from your client. You can put the phone on speaker and call Speak-Write. You will get a transcribed copy of the interview and also the digital recording in the client's own voice.

Good work Dave.