Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The All Pharma Cheerleading Squad

From edrugsearchcom, I stumbled across this ...

A while back the New York Times wrote a story about the decision by several pharmaceutical companies and others in the medical industry to hire reps who market drugs or medical services to physicians based not on medical knowledge — but purely (and cynically) on sex appeal. There have been legendary stories about doctors who may have believed a sales pitch to be an invitation for more. It's known that in several instances cheerleaders - literally - were hired to pitch drugs or medical services.

So, at eDrugSearch you can find information as well as pics of these ... reps. There are at least sixteen. "Carla" is here in my hometown:

Here bio is right here.

The eDrugSearch site also refers to the NYT article, and you can find that here.