Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007: What's On Your List?

I wrote about resolutions at the end of 2006. I appreciate that many do not commit to making any, but I do. A few on my list, in addition to the the ones posted earlier:

Use Speak Write, a dictation system found on the web at the link. I have already used it this year - sign up for an account, and you use your phone to dictate. It arrives in your email box as an attachment, and only costs 1.5 cents per word. I tend to dictate a bit rapidly, and in 2006 staffers would complain quite a bit. Yesterday's first try with Speak Write was nearly perfect, it arrived in about twenty minutes, and there were no staff complaints.

Wireless card for my laptop - seems like a no brainer, but until yesterday I never committed. Now I wonder how I lived without it. While my office is in Atlanta, I drive to meet clients in the hinterlands where terms like WiFi and coffeehouses with the net do not exist as of yet (Ever been to Douglas, GA?).

There are several more I will be posting about as the day and week moves on. Will you share your resolutions? I'm happy to post them here. You can email me at