Friday, May 12, 2006

Vioxx: Heart Attack After Discontinuing Use Does AND Does Not Have An Effect

Clear as mud, right? In the WSJ today, the headline reads: Merck Study Finds A Vioxx Risk After Use Ended. If you went online, however, to read more about this development, you will find this article online:

"Study Finds Vioxx Users Not at Higher Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke in Year After Stopping Drug," which you can find here.

So which is it? Is the AP correct? WSJ? In a Reuters article, there was this comment:

The company followed patients for another year as part of the original APPROVe study design to assess possible health consequences for those no longer taking the drug.
Merck said 28 Vioxx patients had adverse heart events compared with 16 in the placebo group. That study is the one known as: Adenomatous Polyp Prevention with VIOXX.

Looking at the data and information released yesterday right now. Once digested, I should be able to post it here in PDF format.