Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Print from your computer to any Kinko's anywhere

"Print anywhere in the world" is the title of a post you can find at The Practice Blog. When I'm on a trip I carry a list of Kinko's that are near my hotel or meeting, because you just never know when a web connection will fail, or you need something that you may have forgotten. This post to me is golden, and I repost it in full ...

This link will bring you to Kinkos. You can download and install software. When you are ready to print a document, you click on this, and off it goes. You can have it bound, hole punched, or enlarged.

So many uses for this. You can print a document to the Kinko's nearest a client and then the client can just pick it up. A virtual law clerk could research and write a memo and then have the attorney pick up a printed version. Law students could use this to print out papers and save the hassle of printing it at home, especially late at night the day before it is due when printers have a habit of breaking.

This is a great little program that you can use.

Many thanks, Jonathan and Terry!