Friday, April 21, 2006

Bone and Tissue Scandal: News hits in the U.K., Texas & OK

Recent articles in the Oklahoma City, OK newspaper as well as articles in Austin, Texas, Long Island, NY and Iowa newspapers tend to be more straightforward when detailing the infected/contaminated tissue and bone scandal. Not so in the U.K.

From the Observer's online edition, you can read the story that includes this text:

Every graveyard tells a story. The Maple Grove Cemetery in New York is no exception. Its tombs mirror the waves of immigration to this bustling corner of the city. Inscriptions on older stones, flecked with moss, are mostly Jewish or English. The newer ones, shiny and polished, bear Chinese names, or Indian, or Hispanic. Each grave is a full stop on an individual life: a point of final departure and no return. Except for one.

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