Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Print This and That For 2/06: Info you can hold

Rather than simply posting links to sites on the web, I wanted to pass along two FREE (yes you read that right) publications that hit my in-box on a regular basis. The first is Law Technology News and the second is eweek, which deals with enterprise tech news.

Article in LTN for the one on my desk now include: Creating Visuals, Beyond Flip Charts, and Searching Podcasts, among others. Lots of PR type snippets that tout new software and products. It's a 10 minute read that is worth the money (did I say it was free?).

eWeek is a little more centered on tech news, what lies ahead, and cutting edge. Some may confine it to the magazine scrapheap in the lobby, but you will find nuggets such as, news on Mobile Google.

And for those who help consumers only in their practice, if you don't subscribe to the Wall Street Journal, well ... shame on you.