Thursday, February 09, 2006

Dr. Topol and Vioxx: Merck Starts the Squeeze?

Dr. Topol has allegedly been been talked to by Attorney Mark Lanier about consulting. Today he said he had not asked Lanier about consulting, and he would never accept such an offer.

Lanier, who won a $253 million judgment against Merck last year has told people that Topol had retained him to work on private matters that he would not discuss. But Lanier said he hasn‘t asked Topol to become a consultant and that Topol is still working at the hospital, which is widely known for cardiac treatment and research.

Beck told U.S. District Judge Eldon Fallon in open court that Topol had left the Cleveland medical center, and that Lanier was representing regarding his departure.

Lanier has apparently told State Court Judge Higbee presiding over Vioxx cases in New Jersey that Topol was now his client. Lanier said he met last Thursday with Judge Carol Higbee about using Topol‘s three-hour deposition in the trial scheduled Feb. 27.

Source: Reuters, Yahoo, Newsday, and other sites.