Monday, February 13, 2006

2/06 Tech This N' That: Blogs and a Boo for Yahoo Grammy Site

First, the boo, or Bronx cheer to It's not enough to have the Grammy Awards - with arguably the year's best talent - get slammed by a show that has singers with no talent (American Idol). When you go to Yahoo! to see the highlights of the show, guess what? You have to download Netscape to view the clips. No thanks.

On to blogs - While I don't typically refer to other blogs, here is a list of ones that are not law related that may have some value to you: A pretty amazing site that has more than 3000 adventure blogs. You can get info on top trails in the U.S., beaches, and skiing.
- decent independent reviews by travelers. Lots of information on places outside the U.S.
- Gadgetize your iPod with gear, hacks, and more. Hints on helping unfreeze your iPod, how to rank your tunes. Worth a look - Like this blog has a waterfall of information. Much of it is related to GTD.