Friday, January 06, 2006

Resolutions Part II: It's BLOG not BLAWG (a jargon rant)

I have firmly resolved from the top down in my office to rid it of jargon.

First to go: Blawg. No more emails or comments with it spelled that way. There are enough problems explanining what a web log is to someone over 40 as it is. No need to make it worse. It goes in the bin along with "scaleability" and other tech jarson insider foolishness. Speak english to me.

Second to go: Use of throw away words in pleadings. In Georgia it is common to begin a Complaint this way: "COMES NOW the Plaintiff and for his Complaint prays as follows against the stated Defendant" ... We use "Plaintiff sues Defendant and alleges ... ."

Third to go: "Please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned at your earliest convenience." I have never used it, but team members here let it creep in to form letters they write. We're not paid by the word, and last I checked plain ol' English works just fine - "Call me if you have any questions."

Fourth to go: No more mini Miranda warnings at the bottom of all of emails. You know, the one that mentions that the email is confidential and that you are to destroy it, or send it back, or print it and mail it back at my expense, or print it and make a paper airplane out of it. There's a toggle bar on the email, use it! I asked a friend if he was going to dinner, and in the midst of 1 and 2 word emails, there was the confidential language.