Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Why does someone refer a potential case to you or your Firm?

My firm in addition to advertising does generate cases the old fashioned way - through referrals. As John Jantsch says in his blog, "People refer business ... services, products, [and] people- if it makes them look and feel good."

Jantsch notes one key item in his list of factors:

    "Met Expectation - People want to be sure that you will meet their expectation - they want the same experience over and over again. "

Does your Firm stack up in this department? I try to update referring attorneys on a regular basis, with 90 day reports. It may be a simple email- trial has been set.

What does drive me crazy though is a Firm that seeks business from me then ignores the Firm after the case is referred. The solution? No more cases.