Friday, July 29, 2005

Email or Instant Messaging in your office?

News this week points out that younger adults and teens are using Instant Messaging (IM) as opposed to emails to communicate. Some consider email the way that "old people" convey messages. IMs are indeed a way to get to someone much faster.

Does your office "IM?" Ours does, in a secure environment. While there was some initial resistance to the use of it, IM'ing has now become so pervasive here in my office that I have had to admonish someone sitting outside my door that it is ok to actually leave his chair (10 feet from my office) and ask me a question in person. Others are able to log in from work and IM each other, exchange files, and have quick "chat" meetings online.

If your office does not have an IM system, why not? If you do consider it, you may wish to implement the same rules that may be in place with email.