Thursday, June 09, 2005

A recent soft tissue verdict in Georgia

From Rob Fleming, great job on a soft tissue case :

"Just completed soft tissue car wreck trial against [in house State Farm counsel] Sharon Ware & Assoc. Gwinnett County [one of Georgia's most conservative counties for jury verdicts].

A total of only $560 in property damage to the client's car. Medicals were almost all chiropractic. My client was Chinese - (had green card and spoke very bad English, but was a CPA and a nice woman). State Farm admitted liability in Answer. State Farm offered 250 measly dollars up to time of trial and then $2,000 thirty days before trial.
Jury verdict: Awarded 8K in meds, $100 in pain & suffering; and $12,000 in 13-6-11 Attorneys' fees!
Many thanks to all members of the list serve, especially Marc Zamora, Robby Hughes, Zack Dozier, Charles Morris, Trent Speckals and Morgan Adams whose posts I saved and used at trial.
It feels good to beat State Farm at their own game. Their arguments were old and weak and I encourage everyone to not let them bully you into settling cases for less than they are worth.