Thursday, June 23, 2005

Lawyer ads: Annoying? Link to a broadcast discussion

Last week a web-based legal talk show network hosted a discussion regarding lawyer advertising. The show - which lasted 30 minutes, was described in these words:

"All lawyers advertise, from the tender of a business card to the employment of a state of the art website and Radio/TV ads. Whether we like to acknowledge it or not, lawyers are in the business of getting and keeping business. Some say lawyer advertising has gone too far and reflects poorly upon a noble profession. "

Go here for the archived broadcast of the discussion. There has been an extensive discussion on the broadcast at Surprisingly, or perhaps sadly, some have commented on this subject without listening to the broadcast.

My comments: In the discussion, Attorney Jim Sokolove jousted with an academic, Professor Paul Teich. In my opinion, Teich brought a pocketknife to a gunbattle. He was "armed" with research to support the opinion that lawyer ads are "crass." If I understood the Professor's comment correctly - and I listened/suffered through his comments twice - he bases his "research" on a population of, get this ... his law students.

It's worth a listen if you advertise. You will see just how well Sokolove supports his position, and the academic fails to do so in his. My report card? The Professor gets a "D."