Tuesday, June 28, 2005

June Vioxx MDL Report

As of last week, more than 3,500 individual suits had been filed against Merckin state and federal courts nationwide.

The first trial begins next month in state court in Angleton, Texas. Two other state cases are due to be heard in Texas in September, and a fourth is set for New Jersey.

The first few federal cases will be tried here, and the discovery process is being orchestrated from this New Orleans Court as well.

Fallon may eventually send cases filed elsewhere back to their original jurisdictions.Judge Fallon told the lawyers present that there is a need for cases "that will give some variety."The first trials could come this November or December.

<>The process of gathering evidence from non party the Food and Drug Administration was moving forward, albeit slowly. "Significant disputes" remain between the two sides about what evidence Merck should turn over, with the company contending that the plaintiffs' demands are "overly broad."

Judge Fallon told the lawyers to come up with a plan by early next month to resolve disagreements over evidence.