Friday, May 27, 2005

Memorial Day Idea: A non techie PDA you can "build"

In my PI practice I can see that useful items such as laptops, a Blackberry, a cell phone with a camera, a cellular portable FAX and other items can be intimidating to the normal working people I represent. I also tend to lose my cool when one of those items is lost or stolen.

Back in the early 90's I used 3 by 5 card to keep my to do lists. Well, it seems like the 3 by 5 card is making a comeback. From comes the "hipster PDA" which is described as:

A "Hipster PDA (Parietal Disgorgement Aid) is a fully extensible system for coordinating incoming and outgoing data for any aspect of your life and work. " It helps you assemble one in this way:

Building your first Hipster PDA

  1. Get a bunch of 3"x5" file cards
  2. Clip them together with a binder clip
  3. There is no step 3
You can even pimp your HPDA. I have pre-printed out 3 months of a calendar and taped them to a card. You can now print out grids and weekly items as well for it, go here for more information.

Good luck.