Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Denver Post article discussing Vioxx

The May 10, 2005 issue of the Denver Post online has a story about a man in his 50's who took Vioxx and claimed it caused his heart attack; you can read the article here.

Interestingly, the article notes the man's initial reluctance to pursue a potential claim: "I have mixed feelings about medical malpractice suits," Honea said. He believes Vioxx has taken years off his life, so he has contacted a Denver attorney, who is preparing his case."

Having reviewed many hundreds of potential Vioxx claims, I have yet to see one instance where a doctor has done anything wrong that rises to the level of medical malpractice. In fact, most are not very pleased (to put it politely) that information may have been withheld.

The article closes with one quote from the man that's noteworthy:
"This is a corporation putting profits over any reasonable regard for people's lives."