Wednesday, April 06, 2005

April's Random Notes - email and medicine

New for this month: On the listserve for Georgia Trial Lawyers there is a discussion as to whether or not an attorney should have an email address on a business card. Yes, that is a no brainer you are saying. The writer worries about abusive emails and many of them. To me, listing an email address is as basic as having a street address. Am I missing something?

A website with nifty medical information is emedicine. Descriptions of injuries, illustrations, X ray reproductions and more. It's free, mostly.

Also worth a test run is It's a certified mail system for email. If you use web based email it may help you. I've had many a lawyer actually lie to me (imagine that) when I send an email; he says "never got the email." With this product, not anymore. I sent the attorney who claimed no receipt a copy of the time he opened the email (five minutes after I sent it). It's worth the free test at the very least. Not everyone needs it, I know.

I'll be posting my Motion in Limine in three parts soon, based on calls for it. I'd be interested in hearing from others on what they add to theirs.